Q. How do I go about arranging a meet?
A. Call 443•552•7129 and ask if such and so day and time is available. Be specific! If you are seeking a same day appointment, say so. * A consultation is mandatory before proceeding. We will sit and speak face to face regarding limits, safe words, and all the things that make "healthy happy playtime". In other words safe, sane, and consensual.

Q. How long is a get together?
A. I don't know - how much fun are you? Actually, You may expect to spend 75 to 90 minutes with the Mistress. I do not watch the clock. There are many things that need to be discussed in order to have successful play.

Q. Mistress, what are some things that will piss you off?
A. Let me just state what I do not do, so don't even fucking ask: NO sex NO SEX. By the way, did I mention as with most Professional Dominants in North America, NO SEX. Otherwise my interests vary and are many. All that I do, I enjoy!

Q. Mistress, what are the things you like to do?
A. Little one, expect the unexpected. Among my interests are roleplay, discipline, bondage, domination, sensory deprivation, cbt, spanking, flogging, paddling, single tail, leather, latex, S&M, fetish, interrogation, crossdressing, feminization, edge play, foot worship, play parties, erotic photography, and more. You will discover whether or not your desire is covered only once you contact me.

Q. Mistress can you tell me what will happen to me?
A. No, I will not discuss this over the phone! Interest, limits and boundaries will have been discussed during the consultation, and they will be honored. Suspense, anticipation, curiosity and lack of control are the necessary boarding passes for the ship SS. SMBD.

Q. Do you have a facility or do you do out-calls?
A. I have enough stuff to keep you"otherwise engaged " for quite sometime I promise you! As for out-calls Hotel rooms are for sleeping and other types of play whose services can be acquired through escort services and is NOT DOMINATION therefore I will not come to the hotel room of a single male. I will come to your home if you are a couple looking to learn about this lifestyle as I think it important to be comfortable in your own home when learning to "play".I am available for out of town travel.

Q. Do you do corporal?
A. Yummy!

Q. Do you see couples?
A. That is the best situation. I enjoy helping couples learn about this lifestyle.

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