The Mistress Rulz

There is the possibility your bottom will receive My gifts of color. The reds, blues and purples, My My how exciting! There are so many brushes to choose from, to bring out the perfect pigment. Those that give that oh so gentle kiss. They merely bring out that translucent blush. Then there are those that sing as I reach out with them to apply the color crimson to that ass of yours! I could always simply slap a diaper on that bottom of yours and make you My bouncing baby boy… or girl. Would you look pretty in pink? On the other hand, Max might just put something IN that bottom of yours! Creativity is a many splendor thing!

Heaven forbid I should ignore the canvas the front of your body offers Me. There are five particularly inviting points of interest for someone with My mystical sensual sadistic and artistic abilities. Some say My work is electric. If I am not able to share with you My favor of colors due to your being "tied up" or even should you be wrapped up in something, fear not. I will save My colors for you for another day.

My Magic and interests are not limited to those things I have put forth here. They are constantly growing; the energy is continuously flowing for I will forever be a Student no matter how long I am a Teacher.

I am The Max. I am your Mistress. I am your Muse.
Max Rulz!

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